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Our Story

Unlike any other freelancing website, the story of CyberTaskers started with a work from home Mum trying to juggle family and business. The struggle to keep up and unable to juggle both brought about a need for extra set of hands to help with the professional side of life. This need got her looking at outsourcing her tasks related to her business. Looking for freelancers and working with a few freelancers had been the reason for the start of Cybertaskers. The experiences she has been through – the experience of stress-free completion of tasks, meeting deadlines along with the added advantage of the extra time at hand to be both a Mum and an Entrepreneur brought her a massive success.  The desire to share this experience with other work from home Mums and business Entrepreneurs and the response she received from what she tried and tested as a trial between friends, colleagues and loved ones along with the encouragement she received in bringing her new venture to life by creating CyberTaskers is exactly where this platform hailed from.

Creating a world of opportunities

Whether a new startup business or a small to large business, through CyberTaskers, get more tasks completed and meet deadlines, connect and collaborate with professionals to work on projects small to large from content writing, tutoring, web and mobile app development to SEO, social media marketing, fashion design, interior design, graphic design, admin help and thousands of other tasks; get it done at CyberTaskers. We make it and cost-effective and simple, hire the best professionals anywhere, any time.




To provide a world of opportunities and be the number one flexible solution in hiring the best professionals.



To create an economical and cost-effective remote work opportunities to help people juggle their personal and professional lives.


Our Values

·         Create opportunities within communities

·         Connect Entrepreneurs with our most skilled professionals

·         Build a world of remotely working conditions

·         Inspire and build a boundless community for future of work

·         Support a good not-for-profit cause with the help of our platform

·         Connect, collaborate, and build amazing teams worldwide



Why Us….

By using and working with CyberTaskers you are helping support a good cause. All our processing fee is used entirely to fund our not-for-profit organization “Act of Sharing” (website work in progress and will be up very soon). You can find a link to it in the Partners page.

CyberTaskers is a transparent, safe, and secure platform connecting the skilled and professional members with businesses around the world.


Care to help?

By referring your friends and loved ones to CyberTaskers, you are not only helping to spread the existance of our platform and increase our members but you are also helping us support and provide for more needy members in our "Act of Sharing" organization.

You can go through Our Partners page to find other ways of showing your support by visiting our supporters and partners who help us fund “Act of Sharing”. We genuinely appreciate every little bit of help in sharing the link to CyberTaskers.

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